Davao Building Construction Projects (2013 Updates)

2012 was quite a booming year for Davao city in terms of building constructions - both for commercial and residential projects - and this trend is expected to continue in 2013 - and in the coming years - with a number of companies expressing their interests for Davao investments. So, don't be surprised (at least not that much) if you see T-cranes sprouting here and there - you might see one even in your neighborhood. :-) This year, we can expect lots of construction activities in the city and here are some interesting projects in the pipeline (ongoing and upcoming): Abreeza Residences A 26-storey residential tower that is being built inside the Abreeza complex (Ayala Company). The construction started in 2012 and if you check it out today, you can notice that the building is slowly shaping up (they are currently working for its 10th floor). This project is expected to top off in 2014 and the turnover will be in 2015. For more detail about this project, visit Abree…
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