A Taste of Korea in Davao: Manna Korean Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier

I’m a bit of a fan with anything “Korean”: music, fashion, celebrities and food!

Speaking of food, for the first time ever, my friend and I decided to dine in a Korean Restaurant at SM Lanang’s Sky Garden – Manna Korean Restaurant “The Food from Heaven”. And the experience proved good for me.

Manna Korean Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier


Manna Korean Restaurant has other branch located at C5 Dormitel, Roxas Avenue, Davao City. However, we tried the one at SM Lanang’s Sky Garden. We were welcomed with a friendly receptionist in complete hanbok attire, and were served by attentive waiters.

Manna Korean Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City


Noting that it was my first time with Korean dining, everything seemed new to me, well, except perhaps Kimchi. They had a wide menu of Korean dishes,  with reasonable prices. Their tables were installed with “grillers” for “do-it-yourself” grilling or steaming orders.


For a hot pot, we ordered Dukbaegi Bulgogi which is beef in a soy sauce marinade; cooked with vegetable and glass noodles in a broth, served with rice. We also had Mandoo which are “Korean-style dumplings” made with meat and vegetables, served boiled, steamed or fried. Lastly, we had Samgyeopsal; Korean-style rashers of bacon, which we grilled at the table and dipped in a mixture of sesame oil and salt.

Dukbaegi Bulgogi at Manna Korean Restaurant in SM Lanang Premier


Samgyeopsal is served with a variety of side dishes including kimchi and a refillable plate of fresh lettuce, where we can wrap them in.

Samgyeopsal at Manna Korean Restaurant inside SM Lanang PremierSamgyeopsal at Manna Korean Restaurant inside SM Lanang Premier Manna Korean Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier


Here is a breakdown of our dinner (good for 2 persons):

Dukbaegi Bulgogi – Php 300.00

Samgyeopsal – Php 300.00

Mandoo – Php 250.00

Mango Shake – Php 95.00

Sprite in can – Php 50.00


Total Price: Php 995.00

The taste did not disappoint me, as it lived up to the standard of real Korean cuisine, without draining our wallet. For a bill of Php 995.00, including drinks (mango shake and a can of sprite), we had a sumptuous and satisfying dinner :-D.

You can view Manna Korean Restaurant’s full menu here: http://mannarestaurant.weebly.com/menu.html

Or contact their main branch at:

GF Door 11 C5 Bldg. C5 Dormitel, Roxas Avenue, Davao City

Telephone Number:  (082) 301-8989


About the author:

Abee Realista, by profession, is a virtual assistant serving clients from different parts of the globe –  particularly from Europe and North America. She spends her leisure time running her own blog titled “My B2UTYFul Life,” which tackles the latest in Korean entertainment, fave K-pop stars, and manages a Facebook page that she personally established as well.

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