Frequently Asked Questions

What is davaoportal.com?

DavaoPortal is a FREE online business directory established to list all Davao-based businesses submitted by various business owners from different industries across Davao Region. It is aimed at providing users with business details on establishments / firms they are looking for from within this area.

The site is run by a team of IT professionals who, specifically, are working in web design and development as well as in Internet marketing.  More about DavaoPortal team.

How does davaoportal.com work?

DavaoPortal allows anyone to post any Davao-based business (and its details) for FREE with the following easy steps:

Step 1: Registration – before you can post a business, you will need to create an account and it is a one-time process; your account is what you will use every time you post a new business that you want to include in
the listing.

Step 2: Verification – once you have submitted your account details during registration, an email verification is sent to your provided email and all you need to do is to follow the activation instruction in there.

Step 3: Account activated – you are good to go; you can then post your business based on the guidelines we have set as a standard for online posting ethics.

What are the benefits a user can get with the site?

Both users who are looking for Davao-based business information and business owners (who have listed their business) can benefit from the info listed here.

For users, as we at DavaoPortal try our best to list business information as accurate as possible so to provide business info that matters to you.

For business owners, once yours is listed, you can take advantage of our targeted traffic. Thousands of unique Internet users visit DavaoPoral in a month and this just means that you can generate more potential clients for your business – whatever industry it belongs to.

Does davaoportal cater paid advertising?

Yes. If you want more online exposures for your business, you can avail our premium listing program, wherein your business will be placed on the frontpage/home page or any section that is visible above-the-fold of DavaoPortal pages. Contact us for more details.

Does the site publish Davao-based businesses only?

Yes. DavaoPortal is intended for Davao-based businesses only (Davao City and the rest of Davao Region). However, if your business  (brand) caters customers outside the region or if your business is headquartered in other part of the country , we can approve your listing provided you have a local store or branch established within Davao Region or if you have a representative that is based/residing in the region.