The Thrill and Excitement at Havoc Fun Run

I dare to live life to the fullest so, aside from travel, I included fun run on my bucket list this year :-D . And while there's still a lot other things on my list , it is so fulfilling to realize that I was able to accomplish this item as early as this month - Davao City's Havoc Regeneration Fun Run made it happen...and exceeded my expectation on how 'fun' could fun run be, in fact. With thrill and excitement, my colleagues and I decided to join in this event that was set on April 7.  It had a registration fee worth 350.00 - to cover the singlet, race bib and free snacks.  The proceeds was intended for the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines - another good reason why we were encouraged to join.

Preparing for the event with my colleagues (more…)

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