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The Thrill and Excitement at Havoc Fun Run

Davao Events April 18, 2013

I dare to live life to the fullest so, aside from travel, I included fun run on my bucket list this year 😀 . And while there’s still a lot other things on my list , it is so fulfilling to realize that I was able to accomplish this item as early as this month – Davao City’s Havoc Regeneration Fun Run made it happen…and exceeded my expectation on how ‘fun’ could fun run be, in fact.

With thrill and excitement, my colleagues and I decided to join in this event that was set on April 7.  It had a registration fee worth 350.00 – to cover the singlet, race bib and free snacks.  The proceeds was intended for the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines – another good reason why we were encouraged to join.

havoc fun run in davao city

Preparing for the event with my colleagues

So, how did the event go?

Havoc Fun Run was divided into 8 waves with 70 participants in each wave.  The mechanics was so simple yet unique. Each of us was given 3 life flags and our goal was to keep those flags completely intact (or at least there’s one left) throughout the course of the 4-km run. The highlight – and the most challenging part – of the event, aside from obstacle courses, was that we had to survive running through  several zombie-infested areas around the Abreeza Mall Complex. These zombies (hired zombies? hahaha!) had to run after us to get our life flags. So, we needed to keep those flags until the end of the run to be given a ‘survivor’ certificate; otherwise, we were to be declared ‘dead’.

obstacle course at havoc fun  run in davao cityobstacle course at havoc fun run in davao city

Obstacle course at Havoc Fun Run(inside the car park of the Abreeza Mall Complex in Davao City)

The most exciting part…

The most exciting part of the run started when we reached the parking lot where zombies were hiding somewhere inside in each corner – we actually didn’t know where they were, specifically. The area was pretty dark at that time, adding more to the thrill brought by the zombies chasing us.

havoc fun run activity at abreeza mall in davao city

Cornered: One of my colleagues squaring off against the zombies for survival

meet the zombies at havoc fun run in davao city

Me with the zombies…

Did I survive?

Unfortunately, did not! I  lost all the 3 life flags I had. That was so lame. hahaha! But still I had to finish the challenge because we were obliged to – even if the zombies were no longer chasing after me .

death certificate at the havoc fun run

Yikes! I got my death certificate…hahaha!

havoc participants awarded with certificates

With my colleagues during the awarding of certificates

Being a first timer fun run participant, I really enjoyed it and the registration fee was worth it. I burned a lot of calories and at the same time I participated for a cause. 😀


A guest post by: Michelle Grace Toledo

Michelle was born in a place known as The Land of Promise. A traveler and a blogger with a big dream to explore the whole Philippines and then the world. She owns a travel blog titled Pinoy Travel Pod where she shares her travel experiences, adventure survivals, tips for affordable tours, and features undeveloped places in the Philippines that can be great tourist spots someday.

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