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Pr1mera Global, Inc. is a commercial establishment engaged in manufacturing and distributing superior health-giving products to promote good nutrition and overall wellness. With a vision focused on being a highly successful business enabler for individuals, Pr1mera Global is committed to helping them thru dealership, the opportunity to be profitable entities to support their financial growth and sustainability.

Pr1mera Global is a wholly-owned Filipino company organized and put up by a group of young executives who have proven their mettle and became outstanding in their respective fields of profession.

Pr1mera Products

Pr1mera Food Supplements - Davao City Distribution Office

Pr1mera Juice – a refreshing FRUIT-VEGETABLE POWDER DRINK specifically created with 7 herbs plus CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor). A fantastic tasting beverage for people who rarely takes vegetables and fruits. Pr1mera Juice 7 herbs namely: Malunggay, Carrot, Dahon ng Sili, Spirulina, Saluyot, Barley, Talbos ng Kamote and plus CGF also known as Power of 8.

Guyabarley – the power duo; a combination of two healthy foods — Guyabano and Barley — that make a perfect nutritious blend.

Poxxion22 – a nutrition-packed beverage fortified with Oxxynea®antioxidant powerhouses, providing additional ORAC units to your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Oxxynea® derives from extracts of 22 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables vital against mental and physical decline. Feel the energy of Nature’s powerhouses. Enjoy Poxxion 22 anytime to an enhanced youthful balance!

Pr1mera Coffee – PKOF1 8 in 1 Coffe is an aromatic , and Rich Complete mix Specifically created from choice Arabica and Robusta Beans non-dairy creamer and sugar and infused with 5 amazing herbs namely; Malunggay, Carrot, Spirulina, Mangosteen, and Omega 3 DHA & EPA,

Van1tea (White tea with Glutathione) – is a refreshing tea-based drink specifically created frim fruit and herbal extracts, with natural amino acids, and other active ingredients. A great tasting beverage, formulated to perform a certain function, for people who need to supplement their diet. 7 ingredients namely: White Tea, Glutathione, Calamansi Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin C and Citric Acid.

Davao City Office Location and Contact Information

G/F Salvacion Bldg., Gen. Luna St., Davao City
Monday to Saturday, 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Tel.No.: (082) 295.72.45
Fax No.: (082) 295.72.45

Other locations in Davao Region

Mobile: 0922.879.16.61 / 0909.910.74.69

Tel. No.: (082) 829.14.01
Mobile: 0929.731.74.44 / 0932.856.11.22

Tel. No.: (082) 655.01.09
Mobile: 0928.390.27.95

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StreetGen. Luna St.
Zip/Postal Code8000