DavaoPortal Raffle Promo!

DavaoPortal Raffle Promo June 2014

Win IMAX Tickets for two and other exciting prizes!


Submit your business at DavaoPortal and get a chance to win IMAX tickets for two and other exciting prizes as we present:

The first DavaoPortal Raffle Promo

Who can join…

  • Davao-based business owners or individuals who manage/represent a business located within Davao Region
  • Open for both Internet-based and businesses with physical offices/stores

The mechanics…

  1. Submit your business at DavaoPortal (submission is FREE – and will always be)
  2. One business (check out sample)  is equivalent to 1 raffle entry; therefore, if you own more than one business, you can have more than one raffle entry (i.e. if you submit 2 different businesses that you own, it’s equivalent to 2 raffle entries)
  3. Only legitimate business is allowed (our team will evaluate whether your business really exists or not)
  4. For Internet-based businesses, you are required to provide your website (url) or any page you own that represents your business (e.g. FB Page)
  5. Those who have already submitted their businesses, you do not need to resubmit them; however, to ensure that your submitted business is qualified for the raffle, you can update your already-posted business info (you may contact us if you have questions)
  6. Deadline of submission is one July 25, 2014

How we determine the lucky winners

  1. DavaoPortal Team will evaluate each submitted business to ensure its validity (based on the requirements specified)
  2. Each valid business will be included in the list of raffle entries.
  3. DavaoPortal will use an APP that will randomly pick the lucky winners
Note: Names of those who have submitted valid entries will also be included in a separate raffle promo intended for those who have liked our Facebook page and those who have followed us on Twitter.

Announcement of Winners will be on July 31, 2014.

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