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Iconic Building Project Aeon Towers Breaks Ground

Business, Davao Events, Upcoming Projects May 30, 2013

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Aeon Towers, dubbed as “the most iconic building project in Davao city” to date, broke ground on 30th of May, 2013, marking the start of full-swing construction of this 3.1 billion-worth mixed-use facility — a 33-storey structure that will soon tower the city’s skyline, along J.P. Laurel Avenue, near the Ayala Complex.

aeon towers in davao city ground breaking ceremony

Photo credit: Elvy Vallejo

The ground breaking ceremony was led by FTC Group of Companies President Ian Y. Cruz, who delivered a warm and optimistic message before the  guests. In his speech, he thanked his family and the rest of the company’s backbone, as well as the project partners from different institutions, for the ‘realization’ of this business endeavor. Continue reading …

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Aeon Towers in full-swing construction

Business, Upcoming Projects May 23, 2013

aeon tower ground breaking ceremony in davao

Aeon Towers, dubbed as “the most iconic building project” in Davao City to date, is set to break ground on May 30, 2013 (Thursday), marking the start of  the construction of this 33-storey mixed-use landmark — the tallest structure in the region when finished — rising along J.P. Laurel Avenue, near the Ayala Complex. Continue reading …

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Davao Building Construction Projects (2013 Updates)

Upcoming Projects January 16, 2013

2012 was quite a booming year for Davao city in terms of building constructions – both for commercial and residential projects – and this trend is expected to continue in 2013 – and in the coming years – with a number of companies expressing their interests for Davao investments. So, don’t be surprised (at least not that much) if you see T-cranes sprouting here and there – you might see one even in your neighborhood. 🙂

This year, we can expect lots of construction activities in the city and here are some interesting projects in the pipeline (ongoing and upcoming):

Abreeza Residences

abreeza residences under construction

A 26-storey residential tower that is being built inside the Abreeza complex (Ayala Company). The construction started in 2012 and if you check it out today, you can notice that the building is slowly shaping up (they are currently working for its 10th floor). This project is expected to top off in 2014 and the turnover will be in 2015.

For more detail about this project, visit Abreeza Residences Official Page.

AEON Towers

aeon tower davao city

This is a 33-story mixed-use commercial building project by FTC Group of Companies that will rise along J.P. Laurel Avenue (in front of Redemptorist Church and near the Abreeza Complex). The building will consist commercial areas, hotel, and residential condominium units.

As of this posting, they are on its clearing operation (old building is being demolished) to give way for the construction that is expected to commence first quarter this year.

For more details, visit Aeon Tower Official Website

Ateneo Community Tower

ateneo community tower under construction

Another building construction that is currently in the works is AdDU’s 12-story community building, the school is allocating Php 865 million  for the entire project, which includes a a separate 4-story building intended for sports and recreations. If you pass by the area today, you will notice that T-cranes are already put in place and people working in the area are already visible.

More about this project can be found here: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1530086

Avida Towers Davao

avida towers davao city

Rising along C.M. Recto Avenue (Claveria) is another Ayala project that will consist of 2 residential towers (24 and 29-storey buildings) that will house 431 units, including special two-bedroom units from the 19th to the 23rd floor; parking units available from the ground to the 4th floor.

There is no announcement yet as to when the construction will commence – as of this posting.

For more details, visit Avida Towers Davao Offcial Page.

Ayala Technopad (Abreeza Corporate Center)

abreeza corporate center davao city

Initially intended for business process outsourcing companies, the project is now planned to house other type of businesses as well and thus they changed its name to “Abreeza Corporate Center”.

As of this posting, we can see that the project is more or less 70 percent complete so we can expect that it will be fully operational last quarter this year.

The 1st and second floor is said to be an extension of the Abreeza Mall and will house more tenants and popular brands. The rest of the building will be occupied by BPO companies and other conventional office-based businesses.

Felcris Centrale

felcris central davao city

Another major project in Davao City that has just started (last quarter of 2012) is the Felcris Centrale by Felcris Hotels and Resorts Corporation. This business community complex will consist of a mall, a 12-storey office tower,  residential towers, hotels, and other recreational facility. For the mall and BPO building alone, the company has allocated at least PHP 1 Billion.

The project will rise along Quimpo Boulevard, Barangay Bucana (right in front of the Land Transportation Office).

JTC Tower

JTC Tower Davao City

JTC is a 12-storey hotel that is being built along J.P Laurel Avenue, near the SM Lanang Complex. The project is about 60% complete. However, there are some speculations that the company behind this project is temporarily stopping the construction for some reasons – but this is not confirmed. Should the construction continue this year, the hotel is expected to be fully operational next year.


King Dome

king dome davao by apollo quiboloy

King Dome is a 50,000-seater “indoor cathedral” that will rise inside the Kingdom of Jesus Christ 23-hectare Compound located along Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway (near Davao International Airport). The project has broken ground 3rd quarter of 2012 and is expected to be completed by 2015.

The facility is intended for religious gathering; it is going to be the “epicentre of the greatest spiritual earthquake that will shake the whole world,” Pastor Quiboloy said.

Park Inn by Radisson

park inn by radission davao city

This is a 200-room hotel that is being developed within the SM Lanang Complex (the hotel is attached to the mall through a bridge) and now is almost 100% complete. It is expected to be operational in February this year.

For more details on this project, visit Park Inn by Radission – Davao – Official page

More Building Projects


S & R Shopping Center

s and r shopping center davao under construction

Project Description: Membership Shopping, Wholesale, Retail
Location: McArthur Highway (Corner Ma-a), Matina, Davao City
Construction Status: Ongoing

Tune Hotel Davao

tune hotel davao city

Project Description: Hotel and Commercial Use
Location: J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Construction Status: Ongoing

Liverpool – Camella Northpoint

liverpool camella northpoint davao city

Description: Condominium
Location: Junction of J.P. Laurel Avenue and Buhangin Road, Davao City
Construction Status: will start 2nd quarter in 2013
Official page: Liverpool – Camella Northpoint, Davao

Abreeza Place

abreeza place davao city

Description: Condominium / Residential Towers
Location: Abreeza Complex, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Construction Status: no confirmed schedule yet

Other Construction Projects (still to be confirmed)

Matina IT Park

matina IT park davao city

Lanang Business Park


Lanang Business Park, Davao City


*Disclaimer: Davao Portal does not own all the images published above – the writer just took screenshots of these images found on the Internet, which were taken by other photographers.  Some  of the images are coming from the respective project developers themselves through their official websites. Due credit is being given to the respective sources.


Written by: Roy Van Rivero – SEO Analyst at AgentsofValue

email: royvan.rivero@gmail.com; royvan@davaoportal.com


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October 2012 Accounting Board Exam Results (Davao-based schools’ performance)

Education October 15, 2012

The University of Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao University emerged as the top performers among the accounting schools (with more than 50 examinees) in the city, with 70.59% and 65.73% passing rates respectively. This is based on the CPA Licensure Examination Results released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)  in October 2012.

Here’s the complete list of schools in Davao City that offer accounting courses with their respective passing rates in October 2012 (in alphabetical order):

  1. Ateneo de Davao University (65.73%)
  2. Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia (not listed in the results)
  3. Holy Cross of Davao College (35.21%)
  4. Jose Maria College (o%)
  5. Philippine College of Technology (not listed in the results)
  6. Rizal Memorial Colleges (100%)
  7. University of Mindanao (70.59%)
  8. University of the Immaculate Concepcion (66.67%)

More details of  the Accounting Board Exam Results (in figures):



[click image to enlarge]

davao-based schools' performance in October 2012 accounting board exam

Other important data to  note:

  • Ateneo had the biggest number of examinees (with a total of 143 – first timers and repeaters combined) in the recently concluded exam.
  • University of Mindanao got the highest passing rate for first time takers (among schools with above 50 examinees).
  • RMC got 100% passing rate for its sole repeater examinee (the school had no first time takers)
  • Ateneo got the highest passing rate for repeaters – 44.44%
  • UIC got 88.89%  passing rate – 8 out of 9 first time takers passed the exam; however, it got 0% for repeaters – no one passed among its three repeaters.





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INFOGRAPHICS: Davao City Nursing Schools’ performance in NLE – June 2012 data (did your school make it to the top?)

Education August 27, 2012

Have you ever wondered which nursing school in Davao City performed better than the other in the recently concluded licensure exam?

We scraped the data we used in this presentation from the Nurse Licensure Exam Results recently released by Professional Regulation Commission. We ranked them based on the number of exam takers (first timers, repeaters, and firstimers and repeaters combined); passing rates (first timers, repeaters, and first timer, repeaters combined); and, with passed minus (-) failed criterion.

So, did your school make it to the top? Check the infographics below!

Number of Exam Takers

Graph 1: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on the number of first time exam takers.

bar graph showing the number of nurse licensure exam first time takers in Davao City

The graphical presentation above shows that Davao Doctors College tops the ranking in terms of number, with a total of 95 first time exam takers in the licensure exam held in June 2012; it is closely followed by Brokenshire College with 93. Davao Medical Foundation had only one first time taker.

Graph 2: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on the number of exam repeaters.

distribution of the number of exam repeaters in nurse licensure exam in Davao City

Brokenshire College had the most number of exam takers who wanted to give another shot in June 2012 exam, with a total of 390 repeaters; Davao Doctors College’s on the second spot with 269 repeaters.

Graph 3: Davao City nursing schools ranked based on the total number of exam takers (first timers and repeaters combined).

davao city nursing schools ranked according to number of examinees with firstimer repeaters combined

Firstimers and repeaters combined, Brokenshire College tops the list with a total of 483 examinees, followed by Davao Doctors with 364 examinees in June 2012 Nurse Licensure Exam.

Passing Rate

Graph 4: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on passing rates (first time takers data).

ranking of nursing schools in Davao City based on passing rates in June 2012 NLE

Davao Medical School Foundation tops the ranking with 100% passing rate; San Pedro College is trailing behind with 95.65%. Looking back at the graph 1, you notice that DMSF had one (1) while SPC had sixty-nine (69) first time exam takers.

Graph 5: Davao city nursing schools ranked based on their passing rates for exam repeaters.

davao city nursing schools ranked based on passing rates for repeaters

San Pedro College had the highest passing rate – 66.67% – for exam repeaters during the nurse licensure exam held in June 2012; Ateneo de Davao made it to the second spot with 50.72%; Tecaro College got the lowest passing rate for repeaters at 10%.

Graph 6: Davao City Nursing Schools ranked based on their overall passing rates – the number of exam takers who passed against the total number (firs timers and repeaters combined) – in the recently concluded Nurse Licensure Exam held in June 2012.

 davao city nursing schools ranked based on passing rate - first timers and repeaters combined in June 2012 exam

San Pedro College was the highest performing nursing school in Davao city in the recent nurse licensure exam held in June 2012 with the passing rate of 81.16% – 112 out of 138 takers passed the exams. Ateneo de Davao had 62.28% passing rate, making it to the second spot in our ranking list.

Other Interesting Statistical Data

Graph 7: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam criterion (i.e. number of exam takers who passed minus those who failed) – first time exam takers data.

passed minus failed data for first time takers - based on June 2012 NLE results

5 out 12 nursing schools got positive results in passed – failed data analysis; San Pedro College tops the ranking.

Graph 8: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam results – repeaters data. 

passed minus failed exam results data for repeaters in June 2012 NLE

Graph shows only two schools gained positive results in our  passed minus failed criterion (repeaters data): San Pedro College: 23; Ateneo de Davao: 1.

Graph 9: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam criterion – (first time takers and repeaters combined data).

passed minus failed exam results - first time takers and repeaters combined

Overall, with first time takers and repeaters combined, the graph shows San Pedro College topping the list and Ateneo de Davao is not that far behind on the second spot.


Statistical Reference (Scraped from the recently released exam results by PRC : Performance of schools in the June 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination June 2012)



Based on our gathered data, two nursing schools emerged as top performers in the recent Nurse Licensure Exam and these are:

1. San Pedro College

2. Ateneo de Davao University (note: one of the topnotchers came from AdDU and she is Amanda Rae Hernandez  Alojado)


June 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination results released in thirty six (36) working days


Written by: Roy Van Rivero, davaoportal.com

More of Roy’s works can be found on his blog and on his newly-launched website: SEO Enthusiasts

For comments, complaints, regarding this resource, reach us through the contact form provided above.

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Davao City launches mobile app for android users; iOS version in the works

Davao News August 2, 2012

Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte

photo credit: City Government of Davao

Davao android phone users, this latest development might excite you as the local government of Davao City, in partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. has just launched an app called ‘Davao Life’, a mobile app that is made for the city’s tourism effort.

What’s with this app? It features the following…

  • It allows you to browse information and images about history, activities and exclusive business promos for this year’s Kadayawan.
  • It has a corrresponding website that can be accessed from a mobile Internet browser.
  • The app also has this element called “Davao Life” that contains news scraped from davaocity.gov.ph (the official website of the city goverment). – listing of events, information on tourist spots and activies, and interactive maps as well.

Soon to be integrated are the sections Araw ng Davao, Pasko Fiesta and Summerfest

The app can be downloaded from Google Play by any mobile Android phone user.

For iOS users (iphone, ipad), no worries, as the app version for iPhones is also in the works.

Visit http://davaocity.gov.ph for more details.

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