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Radiance Massage Centre Davao


Radiance Massage Centre

Radiance Massage Centre is located at Torre Bldg., Anda Street (in front of Taipan Palace), Davao City. It offers a wide selection of massage services, includin...

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LRC Manpower Services International, Inc. (Davao Branch)

LRC Manpower Services International, Inc. is an established employment agency duly licensed by POEA or the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration. T...

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eyequest manpower services davao branch


EyeQuest International Manpower Services, Inc. (Davao Branch)

EyeQuest International Manpower Services, Inc. is a POEA-licensed recruitment agency based in the Philippines that deploys qualified professionals and skill...

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SRL Manpower Services Davao City Office


SRL International Manpower Services (Davao)

The SRL International Manpower Services Davao Office is located at 302 3rd Floor, Bernardo Building, Pichon Street, Davao City. The agency specialized in recrui...

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Davao Eagle Ridge Resort

  Davao Eagle Ridge is an inland resort located in Upper Ulas, Davao City - about 10 km from Downtown - that offers a place that is reach with natur...

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Pisces International Placement Corporation (Davao Office)

Pisces International Placement Corporation is a leading employment agency in the Philippines that is dedicated to the growth, development and alleviation of F...

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Nawras manpower services davao branch


Nawras Manpower Services, Inc. (Davao Branch)

Narwas Manpower Services, Inc. is a leading employment agency that deploys professionals and skilled workers abroad - reliable workforce that caters all the i...

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Gulf Horizon International Services, Inc. Davao City


Gulf Horizon International Services, Inc. (Davao Office)

Gulf Horizon International Services, Inc. is a private employment agency that is accredited / licensed by POEA or the Philippines Overseas Employment Admini...

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eversun software davao office


Eversun Software Philippines Corporation (Davao Office)

Eversun Software Philippines Corporation (Agents of Value) is an IT-based outsourcing company headquartered in New Kensington PA and currently has 4 branches in...

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concentrix davao office - lanang davao city


Concentrix – Davao Office

Concentrix, a SYNNEX Corporation company, is a recognized leader in providing platforms, people, and services to various clients in the industry worldwide. ...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Davao City Nursing Schools’ performance in NLE – June 2012 data (did your school make it to the top?)

| Education | August 27, 2012

Have you ever wondered which nursing school in Davao City performed better than the other in the recently concluded licensure exam?

We scraped the data we used in this presentation from the Nurse Licensure Exam Results recently released by Professional Regulation Commission. We ranked them based on the number of exam takers (first timers, repeaters, and firstimers and repeaters combined); passing rates (first timers, repeaters, and first timer, repeaters combined); and, with passed minus (-) failed criterion.

So, did your school make it to the top? Check the infographics below!

Number of Exam Takers

Graph 1: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on the number of first time exam takers.

bar graph showing the number of nurse licensure exam first time takers in Davao City

The graphical presentation above shows that Davao Doctors College tops the ranking in terms of number, with a total of 95 first time exam takers in the licensure exam held in June 2012; it is closely followed by Brokenshire College with 93. Davao Medical Foundation had only one first time taker.

Graph 2: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on the number of exam repeaters.

distribution of the number of exam repeaters in nurse licensure exam in Davao City

Brokenshire College had the most number of exam takers who wanted to give another shot in June 2012 exam, with a total of 390 repeaters; Davao Doctors College’s on the second spot with 269 repeaters.

Graph 3: Davao City nursing schools ranked based on the total number of exam takers (first timers and repeaters combined).

davao city nursing schools ranked according to number of examinees with firstimer repeaters combined

Firstimers and repeaters combined, Brokenshire College tops the list with a total of 483 examinees, followed by Davao Doctors with 364 examinees in June 2012 Nurse Licensure Exam.

Passing Rate

Graph 4: Nursing schools in Davao City ranked based on passing rates (first time takers data).

ranking of nursing schools in Davao City based on passing rates in June 2012 NLE

Davao Medical School Foundation tops the ranking with 100% passing rate; San Pedro College is trailing behind with 95.65%. Looking back at the graph 1, you notice that DMSF had one (1) while SPC had sixty-nine (69) first time exam takers.

Graph 5: Davao city nursing schools ranked based on their passing rates for exam repeaters.

davao city nursing schools ranked based on passing rates for repeaters

San Pedro College had the highest passing rate – 66.67% – for exam repeaters during the nurse licensure exam held in June 2012; Ateneo de Davao made it to the second spot with 50.72%; Tecaro College got the lowest passing rate for repeaters at 10%.

Graph 6: Davao City Nursing Schools ranked based on their overall passing rates – the number of exam takers who passed against the total number (firs timers and repeaters combined) – in the recently concluded Nurse Licensure Exam held in June 2012.

 davao city nursing schools ranked based on passing rate - first timers and repeaters combined in June 2012 exam

San Pedro College was the highest performing nursing school in Davao city in the recent nurse licensure exam held in June 2012 with the passing rate of 81.16% – 112 out of 138 takers passed the exams. Ateneo de Davao had 62.28% passing rate, making it to the second spot in our ranking list.

Other Interesting Statistical Data

Graph 7: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam criterion (i.e. number of exam takers who passed minus those who failed) – first time exam takers data.

passed minus failed data for first time takers - based on June 2012 NLE results

5 out 12 nursing schools got positive results in passed – failed data analysis; San Pedro College tops the ranking.

Graph 8: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam results – repeaters data. 

passed minus failed exam results data for repeaters in June 2012 NLE

Graph shows only two schools gained positive results in our  passed minus failed criterion (repeaters data): San Pedro College: 23; Ateneo de Davao: 1.

Graph 9: Nursing Schools in Davao City ranked based on passed minus (-) failed exam criterion – (first time takers and repeaters combined data).

passed minus failed exam results - first time takers and repeaters combined

Overall, with first time takers and repeaters combined, the graph shows San Pedro College topping the list and Ateneo de Davao is not that far behind on the second spot.


Statistical Reference (Scraped from the recently released exam results by PRC : Performance of schools in the June 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination June 2012)



Based on our gathered data, two nursing schools emerged as top performers in the recent Nurse Licensure Exam and these are:

1. San Pedro College

2. Ateneo de Davao University (note: one of the topnotchers came from AdDU and she is Amanda Rae Hernandez  Alojado)


June 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination results released in thirty six (36) working days


Written by: Roy Van Rivero, davaoportal.com

More of Roy’s works can be found on his blog and on his newly-launched website: SEO Enthusiasts

For comments, complaints, regarding this resource, reach us through the contact form provided above.

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Kadayawan Festival 2012 List of Accredited Events

| Kadayawan | August 17, 2012

kadayawan festival 2012 - photo credit - davaocity.gov.ph

Yes, I know you have been anticipating for the Kadayawan big events like the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (street dancing competition) and the Pamulak (Floral Float Parade). But there are actually more events apart from those, which will be happening (or currently are happening) this month of August. I thought it is a good idea to share with you the list of accredited events in relation to the Kadayawan festival month-long celebrations. So, below is the list of these events.

Happy Kadayawan everyone!

Date Time Event Venue Lead Agency
1 – 20 Aug 5 pm- 2- am Hudyakaan sa Kadayawan Rizal Park Davao Association of Tour Operators DATO
1 – 27 Aug 8 am to 8 pm Agri-Trade Fair SM City Parking Area Floriculture Industry Council of Southern Mindanao
6 -19 Aug All Day Kadayawan Fiesta at the Apo View Apo View Hotel Apo View
8 -10 Aug 3pm, 10am &7pm, 1pm Encantada RSM Events Center PWC Davao Southern Philippines Foundation for the Arts, Culture, and Ecology (SPACE)
14 – 20 Aug Mall Hours Kadayawan Crafts Tourism Fair Ground Floor Hallway, Abreeza Mall Davao Eco Crafts with DTI at XI
16 – 19 Aug 5pm, 3pm – 12MN, 3pm – 12 MN, 10 AM – 9MN The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar Davao Trade and Convention Center Mocha Production
16-Aug 8 am – 12NN History Quiz Contest City Library, 3rd Flr. SP Building Davao Historical Social Foundation, Inc
16 – 19 Aug 4pm – 10pm, 4pm – 12MN, 10pm – 12MN, 10am – 9PM Madayaw Trade Expo… A showcase of what Davao Life Has to Offer Victoria Plaza Carpark EXECON (Ms. Liezel Abatol)
17-Aug All Day SMART DAY – Kadyawan Festival People’s Park SMART Telecom
17 – 19 Aug 6PM – 2AM Ho Chia sa Chinatown Sta. Ana Ave. Corner Jp Laurel
17-Aug All Day VIBE TRIBE Wheels and More Strip EVENTS Plus
18 – 19 Aug 10 am – 2am Tinatu-ay 2 Davao Tattoo Expo and Music Festival NCCC Mall Kadayawan Hall Skin Mode Tattoo
19-Aug 5 AM – 7 AM Pamukaw sa Pamulak: Kadayawan Joyride Around Davao City AMFM Productions
19-Aug 4 AM Caltex Delo Half – Marathon ECO-West Drive Vantage Sports
19-Aug 7 AM – 2 PM Sunshine Cycling for Unity: Together for a United Filipino towards Peace and Progress Brgy. Maa, Covered Court DXRD 711 Sunshine Radio
19-Aug 5 PM MODA Mindanaw SM City Davao SM City Davao
24-25-Aug All Day 1st UAAP Kadayawan invitational Volleyball League University Souteastern Philppines RSVP events and Product
26-Aug 4 AM Timex Run – Davao League Roxas Ave. Vantage Sports


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Kadayawan festival 2012 update: street dancing and floral float parade routes (watch video)

| Kadayawan | August 13, 2012

For those who want to witness the annual Indak-indak sa Kadalanan and Floral Float Parade ( and those who have no choice but to be at their respective works during that time) it is a good idea that you know the routes of the said events as early as now – to avoid traffic hassle.

Here’s a video presentation from South Spot TV detailing the route of the two events. Check it out!

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Davao Public Service: Water Interruption – August 10-11

| Public Service | August 9, 2012

water interruption august 10-11-2012

Source: http://www.davao-water.gov.ph/web/

Download PDF version water interruption aug 10-11-2012

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Davao City launches mobile app for android users; iOS version in the works

| Davao News | August 2, 2012

Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte

photo credit: City Government of Davao

Davao android phone users, this latest development might excite you as the local government of Davao City, in partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. has just launched an app called ‘Davao Life’, a mobile app that is made for the city’s tourism effort.

What’s with this app? It features the following…

  • It allows you to browse information and images about history, activities and exclusive business promos for this year’s Kadayawan.
  • It has a corrresponding website that can be accessed from a mobile Internet browser.
  • The app also has this element called “Davao Life” that contains news scraped from davaocity.gov.ph (the official website of the city goverment). – listing of events, information on tourist spots and activies, and interactive maps as well.

Soon to be integrated are the sections Araw ng Davao, Pasko Fiesta and Summerfest

The app can be downloaded from Google Play by any mobile Android phone user.

For iOS users (iphone, ipad), no worries, as the app version for iPhones is also in the works.

Visit http://davaocity.gov.ph for more details.

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Davao Cyber Expo at SM City Davao (The Annex) this July 27-29, 2012

| Davao Expo / Exhibits | July 23, 2012

Another tech event is happening this July at the SM Annex: Davao Cyber Expo 2012. This event will give all computer and Internet geeks – and online gamers – an opportunity to gather together in one place to enjoy and to share among themselves the latest in the cyber world. There will be tech exhibit, DOTA tournament, cosplay, on the spot contests, live bands, and a whole lot more.

Check out the following poster for details (click image to enlarge):

davao cybe expo 2012

For more info an updates, you can visit: http://e2-events.com/home.php

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Kadayawan Festival 2012 Update: Official Kadayawan Poster Released ( with Event Schedules)

| Kadayawan | July 20, 2012

You have been waiting for this – the Kadayawan Festival 2012 Official Schedule of Events. Check out the information below and find out if you can catch some events slated for all of us Davaoenos.

Source: City Government of Davao (click image to enlarge)

official poster of kadayawan festival 2012 with event schedules

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Kadayawan Festival 2012 Update: Floral Float Competition Official Rules and Guidelines Released

| Kadayawan | July 15, 2012

The highly-anticipated 27th Kadayawan Festival (2012) in Davao City (considered to be the Festival of Festivals in Mindanao) is fast approaching and while there is no official list of schedule of events yet, the city government of Davao has already released the official rules and guidelines for the Floral Float competition (Pamulak Kadayawan) – one of the highlights during the Kadayawan season, which is an annual event held in the month of August.

The Floral Float Parade competition is participated by different sectors of society, including local businesses, non-government organizations and civic society, and the lumads.

floral float competition - kadayawan festival highlight, davao city, philippines

The 2011 Kadayawan Floral Float Parade grand prize was bagged by Abreeza ( Ayala Mall of Davao) – Photo Credit: Jojie Alcantara, www.dabawenya.me

So, for those groups who are joining for this particular event, take a look the following guidelines:

27th Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

Pamulak Kadayawan (Floral Float Parade)

A parade of floarally-dressed floats of various shapes and sizes showcasing the abundant vegetation of the Davao Region


  1. Any person, group, organization, institution or company can join the competition.
  2. The float competition shall have three (3) categories, namely:
    • Big Category – MINIMUM SIZE of float is 6 feet in width and 12 feet in height, including base.
    • Small Category – Anything BELOW 6 ft in width and 12 ft in height including indigenous or extraordinary small vehicles or contraptions which is motorized. Entries may also include but not limited to minica cars, golf carts, mini tractors, and pedicabs.
    • Non-motorized 2 wheel category – Small contraptions on two wheels not motorized and either be manually or animal driven, including but not limited to, push carts (kariton), karo, kalesa, etc.
  3. Entries for non-competing floats that lead to promote a product or commercial business/firm for the different categories should be assessed at the following rates:Big Category – P20, 000.00Small Category – P10, 000.00Non-motorized 2-wheel Category – P5, 000.00Entry fees shall be paid directly to the Office of the City Treasurer on or before August17, 2012. Payments in check must be made in the account name of the City Government of Davao. All payments shall accrue exclusively to the trust fund account.
  4. The maximum height for all floats shall be 12 feet from the ground to avoid entanglement with the buntings and the electric wires. Floats should be stable and secure and must be well-ventilated to avoid suffocation of driver(s)/rider(s). The required maximum dimensions for the float is 8 feet with x 12 feet length. The vehicle that will be used for the float should be in good condition.
  5. Competing floral floats should adopt the general theme of the Kadayawan Festival which is the celebration of life, thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, and the bounties of harvest.
  6. Competing floral floats shall use at least 80% fresh flowers, plants, fruits, or vegetables as a medium, while non-competing entries are required to use at least 20% (the floral float parade committee shall determine for the judges the participants compliance on this criterion). Floats that do not meet this requirement will be disqualified from the competition, if competing or barred from parade participation, if non-competing.
  7. All participating contingents in floats should be at the assembly place along Roxas Avenue between 5:00 to 5:30 AM. Floats that do not arrive at the said time shall be positioned at the last order of the parade.
  8. Judging of entries shall be on the day of the parade August 19, 2012 (Sunday) and shall start at exactly 7:00 AM. Route of the parade starts at Roxas Ave., turns left to C.M. Recto St., turns right to Bonifacio St., turns left to Legaspi St. (Pelayo ST.), turns left to San Pedro St. to cross the main judging area in front of Rizal Park.
  9. Participants should submit a copy of the description and explanation of the float’s symbolism in not more than 120 words not later than July 31, 2012 (Tuesday). The description and explanation shall be read during the actual day of the parade as the float approaches the end point of the parade route. Taped summaries will not be accepted. Initial meeting is on July 19, 2012 (Thursday).
  10. The Pamulak parade contestants will draw lots for the sequence of the floats and street assignments for assembly purposes during the final briefing of all parade participants. Final briefing will be on August 11, 2012 (Saturday) at 10:00 AM. Venue to be announced later.
  11. The Pamulak Parade Committee shall carefully select a panel of five (5) judges. Their decisions shall be considered final and therefore not appealable.
  12. The Pamulak Parade Committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to abide by th stipulation signified in this guideline.
  13. Prohibitions: The following activities are not allowed, to wit:
    • Use of party poppers and any form of firecrackers
    • Littering
    • Wearing sexy and revealing clothes
    • Use of foul language, anti-government sentiments
    • Doing acrobatic stunts
    • Throwing of candies, cigarettes, towels, fans, caps, or any form of promotional materials/giveaways that can distract the flow of the parade.

    Participation in the parade for the purpose of promoting a certain candidate or political party in the coming election is strictly prohibited. Floats, banners, posters, streamers and other materials that promote a certain candidate or political party will be confiscated, or if necessary, the participating group responsible for the act will be removed from the parade line.

  14. Criteria for judging are as follows:
    • Symbolism (20%) – The entry should project and symbolize the meaning of the Kadayawan.
    • Design (40%) – This pertains to the concept and artistic merits of the design taking into consideration Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Harmony as primarily reflected in shapes/images and colors.
    • Implementation (40%) How the design is realized and how the float is made are the focus in this criterion. For considerations are quality of craftsmanship, stability of structure and decoration, choice and creative use of materials.
  15. The prizes to be awarded are the following:Big Category

    Big Category

    1st Place – P 500, 000.00

    2nd Place – P 300, 000.00

    3rd Place – P 100, 000.00

    2 Consolation Prizes – P 50, 000.00

    Small Category

    1st Place – P 150, 000.00

    2nd Place – P 100, 000.00

    3rd Place – P 50,000.00

    2 Consolation Prizes – P 25, 000.00

    Non-motorized 2 Wheel Category

    1st Place – P 50, 000.00

    2nd Place – P 25, 000.00

    3rd Place – P 10, 000.00

    2 Consolation Prizes – P 5,000.00

  16. All competing floats have to stand by for display and public viewing at Roxas Avenue from 1:00 to 3:00 PM after the parade.
  17. All communications and inquiries may be coursed through:The 27th Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012 Executive CommitteeOffice of the City Administrator2nd Floor, City Hall BuildingTelephone Numbers: 221-3222 / 224-2028


Source: http://www.davaocity.gov.ph

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